Sunday, February 21, 2010

The latest

Hey all-

I know, I know... no updates. I was reading my friend's blog and was inspired to post. I've come to realize that blogs are only as good as their pictures. So sit back and enjoy the text...

I've tried to provide interesting stories and anecdotes about batg and the people involved, but sadly the show hasn't aired here in the states in quite some time. I haven't heard anything about additional seasons, so who knows. The best I can do is a little where are they now:

-Karl is in Chicago getting his PharmD. It's not the same here in LA without him, but I have a feeling he'll end up coming back here. He may be in love... :)
-Brit is in NYC. She's doing well and sees celebs all the time. I think she applied to be on the bachelor... we'll see how it turns out!
-Danielle is getting her degree in nursing. I get occasional calls about boys and see her when I'm in town, but I definitely owe her a call.
-I saw Nadia (season 3) the other day at her work here in LA. She's originally from Chicago too and has been hanging out with a famous athlete. I was excited for her when she told me, although you never know with those kinds of situations.
-I'm probably going to see Cara (season 5) next weekend for her friend's bday. It's been a while so it'll be good to catch up with her.
-David Olsen (season 4 winner) visited us here in LA. He was hanging with his Survivor friends. Through him, we got to go to the Survivor finale party. We met a guy who was on the bachelor. He was a smooth talking, suave guy. It's not a surprise they chose him.
-Oh ya! I saw Tyson (season 2) last night at the magic castle. We were invited by John George ( who is an amazing magician. It was good to catch up with Tyson. He may be moving back to the west coast, so hopefully we'll see him more often.

That's about it for updates on the batg front. I recently joined a new company, Roll International ( It's a great company with awesome people -- I couldn't be happier. [aside: I wonder if I write our products on here, if it'll show up on my Google alerts. Let's try: Fiji Water, POM Wonderful, Cuties Oranges, Wonderful Pistaccios... I'll report back].

Update: I made it into Google alerts!! I thought certainly I wouldn't generate enough traffic to warrant it, but apparently Google is insensitive to how boring my blog is. Ok, that's all for now.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Oh ya, Karl's moving back to Chicago

I totally forgot. I still live with Karl, but only for like 1 month more. It's really sad. I've lived with him for like 3 years now. It's been amazing. I really hope to stay in touch with him, but he's not the greatest with that. He's move back to Chicago to get his PharmD. It'll be good for him to get his new career going, since he's been a scientist for quite some time now. I'm sure I'll see him when I'm back in Chicago. I'm sad, but it's for the best.

Updates, Life, Etc.

Hey all-

An update is well over due... to the boringest blog in the world.

So I'm still living in Los Angeles working for an amazing consulting firm called Keystone Strategy ( We are always hiring superstars if you know anyone who is interested. I can't say enough good things about the impact and work that we do on a daily basis.

On to the interesting stuff. So I had dinner the other night with Cara and one of the story producers from her season (5 I think; they all blur together for me). We had some Mexican food at a place in Beverly Hills that was frankly mediocre at best. I won't even give them a shout out because they charged us for a pepsi we didn't order or drink. Oh well. So the point is that I learned that Beauty and the Geek (batg) was possibly picked up for a 6th season. I thought they had opted to end it, but apparently they just needed to find a new home. The rumor was that it'll be on VH1, but I honestly can't confirm/deny either way. We'll have to see. The show has been played out quite a bit, but I could see it being a huge hit on VH1. I think we got more attention and fandom from MTV and VH1, than we did from the WB (now CW). So either way, that's exciting if the franchise lives on. I really do feel like shows that provide a benefit to society (I know... it's arguable) should be subsidized and made sure they continue on. The prime example is Home Makeover. That show is great for what they do even if it's become trite and formulaic.

I digress. So apparently seasons are still starting in other geographies. I got a message from Australia from someone asking me for advice. That's great that the show has penetrated other markets so well. I've gotten messages from all throughout Europe too about seasons there. I think there's even a worldwide batg alumni group on facebook. I never check it, but I remember signing up for it. Now that I mention it, there's quite a weird alumni network from batg. I don't know if other reality shows are like this, but it's pretty cool. I still talk to many people from my season and have become good friends with many others. Over time, it's harder to stay up with everyone, but I try to check in periodically. Here's a quick update of my batg interactions (hopefully no one minds me sharing their whereabouts):

Wes: Moved out east sadly. Was in LA and decided to go back to his SW roots.
Brittany: Lives less than 1 mile away. She's working her way up through the acting scene. She just got her third SAG voucher the other day.
Danielle: Just got accepted to nursing school. She's been working as a librarian but is looking forward to the career change. She's single too guys! (Hopefully she doesn't mind me saying that).
Tristin: Sadly I don't talk to her much any more these days, but I check in on Facebook occasionally. Still living in IL methinks.
Chris: He's doing well. Working for a talent agency here in LA. I see him from time to time.
Amanda: I texted her when I was in Chicago. She was out of town but it was good to chat with her briefly. It sounds like she's doing well.
Nadia: Has been doing well out here in LA and I see her sometimes. She came to a party at my house not too long ago.
Cara: She's doing well working for William Morris in LA. She's one of my good friends out here.
Nikky: She's also at William Morris out here. I never see her any more, but it seems like she's doing really well. I hope to hang out with her soon.

I'm sure there's some people that I'm missing, but that should suffice for now. It'd be fun to do a 'where are they now' episode. I don't know what I wrote in earlier posts, so I'll include some other run-ins here. I ran into Richard from season one at the Really awards a while back. I ran into Lauren a long time ago, but not managed to hang out again sadly. I talked to Sarah a few months ago and it sounds like she's doing well. Been working as a dental assistant and living in Florida (she may have moved, not sure). I got invited to an event by Cher, but sadly had to go out of town and couldn't attend. Josh is MIA, but hopefully doing well here in LA. I spoke with some of the season 5 peeps on facebook, but only met a few. I'm sure there's others, but I'll move on.

That's about all. If you have questions or comments, leave me a msg here. I'll try to be more attentive. Stay in touch (that includes you mom!)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A few tidbits

Hey all-

I have a few pieces of BATG news I'd like to share. First and foremost, my partner and good friend Brittany is moving to LA after the new year. She's very excited and nervous, but looking forward for a change. I don't want to say too much on her behalf, but she's looking to pursue some opportunities here in LA that aren't available for her in Chicago. It'll be nice to have her out here.

I also heard (thanks comment posters and intergoogle and batg friends) that they're doing a BATG 6. I remember reading one of the concerns about the show is that it had played out, but apparently they're looking to go back at it again. There's no reason they couldn't stick to a lower-production formulaic series to make it work (c.f. bachelor). The reception of the show is driven by characters moreso than plot in my opinion. Case in point, Richard is probably the man solely responsible for getting the show picked up for a second season. Without his crazy antics, there would have been no BATG 2 and so forth. While I'm thinking of it, I actually met him a few months ago...

I went to the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards. They already aired so I don't have to worry about giving anything away. But spoiler alert if you are reading. Some of the highlights included having Hugh Heffner walk right past me as well as his playmate girlfriends. I was standing next to Ron Jeremy when the night ended. Got to meet a few of the random reality stars including people from all those VH1 shows that I'll never be able to name for you, some twins from sunset tan or something (you can see I don't watch that much tv) and Nigel from So you think you can dance. I went to the event with Brittany and Aleks (season 2, so you think you can dance) which was cool. Aleks has become a close friend and was a childhood friend of my girlfriend's, so the reality circle has widened slightly beyond batg. I also saw plenty of other random celebs including Traci Bingham, Jerry Springer and Shane Sparks. The tall guy from Top Model was there too, but kept a low profile. I ran into some execs from Fox Reality that I had pitched to previously, so it was nice running into them.

That's all I have by way of an update for now. I don't think I have any pics from the Really Awards but maybe there's one online somewhere. Drop me some more comments. I enjoy them. Glad you guys are still keeping up with the batg world.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Long time no post

Hello everyone-

I saw there were a few comments for me to post some new batg news. So here I go...

There's no more beauty and the geek. After the 5th season, the ratings had plummetted and the format was a bit tired. The variations on the team pairings and the twists were not very well received by the viewers, so far as I could tell. I enjoyed it because it kept things interesting, but part of the original intention of geeks learning from beauties was (some would argue) lost along the way. I personally felt the casting was responsible for the degradation of the show. The show went from 14 people having no idea what they were getting into on season one to 16 people who genuinely cared for each other in season two. But alas our season was too friendly and cordial that the producers opted to seek more competitive/cutthroat types. That's not to say that all of the people were like that, but it particularly stood out with some of the females on the show. A few from each season. The cast strippers, escorts, playmates, moms, etc. for the following seasons, which turned beauty and the geek into just another vh1 reality show. I should mention that I have no problem with moms being on the show and I'm told some of them were the coolest girls on there, but it is weird thinking about virgin geeks getting advice from hot moms. Maybe that's the direction the show needs to go? I should disclose that I am friends with many of the people from these seasons and I can tell you they are awesome people. There were just a few rotten eggs that in my opinion ruined the spirit of the show, much more so than any format changes.

You can read about the end of the show online. They'll probably have more answers for you than I do. I know the show aired internationally as well. I got messages from people watching our season as well as geeks from other international versions. Some day they may bring it back when it's had more time to become novelty again or they redevelop the format. So you know typically these shows do 5 season contracts when starting, so to re-up with a new one would have been very costly. [insert funny comment about Ashton needing the money to feed his family here]. But it was a great experience and I'm really glad that I got to be a part of it while it lasted. I made some great friends along the way from all of the seasons. I guess I could recap who I talk to and where they are now kinda deal:

  • I still live with Karl from my season.

  • I had lunch with Cowboy Joe, Matt (season 5) and Dave (season 4 winner) not too long ago here in Los Angeles. They are some really funny characters. I played this awesome board game called 'shadows over camelot' with some of the guys. It's gotta be the geekiest game I've ever played. It's a collaborative game where you fight the evil forces attempting to take over camelot.

  • I talk to Brittany and Danielle from my season regularly. Danielle came to visit Karl and me in LA a few weeks ago. Said it was the best vacation of her life. Who would have thought geeks could show a beauty the best vacation of her life?

  • I met up with Tristin, Brit and Danielle when I was in Chicago last. Tristin is doing well. Married and working in the medical industry.

  • I talked to Sarah from season 2 as well. She graduated from school as a dental assistant I believe. Don't quote me.

  • I see Wes and Chris from my season regularly. They're doing well out here in LA.

  • I visited Nadia from season 3 the other day at work. She's doing well here in LA.

  • I've been playing phone tag with Cara from season 5. She seems super sweet but I've never met her, only talked to briefly.

  • I talked to Tyson online earlier today. He's doing well in NYC as a trader.

  • I occasionally speak with Amanda just to see what's new with her. She's doing well back in Chicago.

  • I talked online with a few of the guys from season 5 including Jason and Jonathon.

  • I talked to Ankur a bit in the past but haven't heard from him lately. I wonder what he's doing now... blowing stuff up or creating robots to take over the world?

  • I talked to Dave from season 4 online sometimes. He's a cool dude.

  • Nicole is moving to LA. I talked to her a little. Hopefully she'll come hang when she's in town.

Sorry if I missed anyone. I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, so just ask and I'll tell you if I know them or met them or talked to them. Honestly, all of the people that I've met are friggin awesome. I hope someday we can do a season-wide reunion. We were the only season not to get one, which sucked. Their loss. We would have killed on the ratings. I heard season 4 had a mini-reunion in Chicago. It stinks that I missed it, but I'm not going to trade in the LA weather any time soon.

Maybe I'll post an update on myself here one of these days. That's the latest for batg. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I was on TNT!

Ok... it's not quite what you think. I was at the Bull's game the other night (the double overtime one) and our seats were so amazing we got on TV! I didn't tape the game or anything, but I got a text message from a friend saying he saw me. I also have had a streak of getting recognized by random people. I thought I was far removed from getting recognized, but alas it still happens a bit. I think MTV has reaired some batg seasons too, which probably helps. The guy behind me at the game wanted a picture of me because his 'wife' was a big fan. And then last night at a bar in Chicago called Crimson lounge, I got swarmed by like 6 people at once being like I think I know you from somewhere; before I knew it, I was taking pictures with everyone. I still enjoy getting recognized, but I kind of wish I was still doing things in the industry so I could promote an upcoming project or something. Maybe some day.

I'm in Chicago now for work. It's pretty cool to be home and chill at my old place w/ my friends. Oh ya, tonight I'm celebrating Brittany's birthday in Chicago! She just turned 24 on the 2nd. Can you believe that? I first met her on the show when she was 21. She's certainly come a long way since then. Anyhow, going to get sushi and then head to some local establishment. Should be a fun time. Danielle is coming too. Karl is back in LA w/o me, so he won't be joining us. I called Amanda to see if she wanted to come, but she didn't answer. I spoke with Nadia yesterday too; she's doing well in LA. Has a manager now, but still looking for work. It's a tough business out there, especially with the strike. I also heard Shiree (sp?) from batg3 moved to LA to pursue acting. I also heard CC and Megan from batg3 are in Chicago and maybe living together. I'm not sure if that's true at all, but it's what I heard. That's about all on the batg front. Hope everyone had a happy and safe h0liday.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I joined an amazing company called Keystone Strategy ( They are always looking for very talented people. They do IT strategy consulting and some expert witness work as well. If you want to know more, drop me a line. I'm friendly, at least according to my mom (hi mom!). You can always follow the instructino for applying on the website and just drop my name too. Just don't tell them you found it on here, cause then they might start reading this super amazing awesome blog and find out I'm super awesome and give me a huge raise and such. Or realize I have poor grammar skills and a lack of audience awareness. Anyhow, let me know if you want to know about the world of consulting or the company I work for in particular. Woo.